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Girls on a trip | w/ Mafalda Castro & Mexiquer



~ Sofia and Mafalda aren’t available at the moment, they went on a trip. So please leave your message after the tone. ~


Young, wild and free; this could be the moto of their friendship. We got Mafalda Castro and Sofia – or Mexiquer – together for a girlie road trip with Melie Stories. Part-time bloggers and full time friends, they tell us everything about their friendship.




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The inevitable question; how did you meet? It was “friendship at first sight?”
M: I must say it wasn’t ahah Even though nowadays Sofia is my best friend it hasn’t always been like that. When we first met I thought she didn’t quite like me because she wasn’t the nicest person for me. She was nice but she wasn’t all smiles and talks. At first I thought she didn’t like me, but then I started to realize she was just more quite than me. I already knew her online persona before we met, so it was kind of strange to meet her because I already had an idea of what I thought she was like. I think the first thing I said to her was “Oh my god, you’re super short” ahah that wasn’t probably the nicest thing to say, I know, and probably it wasn’t friendship at first sight because of that. But after that we started to meet at some more events and we started to hang more and realized we had many thing in common and a great connection. It was friendship at third or fourth sight I guess.
S: Not really ahah We met in  H&M pressday in their showroom which was one of the firsts I attended. Mafalda’s blog was one of my favorites already and it’s always exciting meeting girls we follow for a long time. I remember that our first approach was very funny, like she thought I was so tiny and short and I thought she was a bit mean. But it was obvious that is was only a first impression, because the next times we got the chance to work together we became friends almost instantly, we have strong personalities and we are so alike. Truly love this girl, she’s my best friend.


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The Portuguese blogosphere is relatively small. How to maintain a true friendship relation, considering that you are like “competing” for the same with your blogs?
M: I don’t think that competition actually exists between me and Sophia. We are very lucky and get to work together many times because brands realize there is such a great chemistry between us. I genuinely want Sofia to succeed and get the most jobs she can, even if she is competing with me. I never see it that way. She is happy for me when I get something good for my blog and the same thing happens when she does. We are each other’s biggest fans I think. And that’s what friendship is all about, about support.
S: I do think the blogosphere is small here, but I also think that all of us have space to work and so many opportunities. We can only help each other’s to grow, there’s nothing wrong with that if we don’t stay behind. I know for experience that our friendship has given me the coolest opportunities regarding working with big brands. Brands continue to see us as individuals but they also like dynamic duos, and we know we work really well together. We became friends and we have the luck to work together so many times, so that’s great!!!
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There was any situation where you had to test your friendship on behalf of your own blogs?

M: I think we test out friendship many times with our blogs. In the little things. We support each other even when one of us doesn’t get the job, we are brutally honest with each other and both of us are always ready to help the other. So I think that’s what really tests our friendship. Not one occasion in special, but daily situations that happen.




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It’s really important to have someone really supportive, and that understands exactly what you are feeling without fear being betrayed. Especially in this blogger world that could be so cruel and competitive. 

Is this a realistic perspective? This is also one of the strengths of your friendship?

M: It trully is a cruel and competitive world, as many others. Having someone as Sophia that supports me and listens to me every time I need to is very important. I always say that she is one of the best things my blog has given me. We built something together that is much stronger than any cruelty that may exist in this blog world. I don’t thing that competition or cruelty behind our backs even gets to us. We built a barrier of our own that doesn’t let it reach us. Sofia has always helped me and been by my side on every situation, so that’s what really matters.

S: I do think so. I always feel that I can count with Mafalda for my life and blog issues. She’s a friend and I know I can expect fully support from her whenever I need it. I think meeting her in the beginning of our blogs was crucial because we grew together in this world and made us stronger, because we went through almost the same things and we continued to do our own thing.



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Considering your status as style bloggers, tell us more about it; How/What/Where/Who gives you the most when talking about inspiration and style influences?

M: I am always inspired by what surrounds me. Even if it is a song that I’m always listing too, a state of mind or mood or even a book. That’s why my style is continually changing. I get so inspired by music and the 70’s, that’s my main inspiration right now. In this time of the year I’m obviously inspired by music festivals. I like classic pieces and I have loads of fun mixing them with more risky pieces. I love the combination of bohemian and rocker, of classic and boho and western.

S: I do get a lot of inspiration from my favourite bloggers, Mafalda is also one of them. But I also get inspired by what I see on a daily basis, on work, on the streets, on magazines. It flows, it’s natural. I do have those days I feel super inspired and those I do not feel at all. I love checking quality photos on blogs and wonder about travels and outfits. I also love to get lost on pinterest and make mood boards and albums as “inspirations pills”.




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What opportunities would you like to have as bloggers that hasn’t happened yet to you both?

M: I would love to go to an international fashion week!! Also to work with Portuguese designers, I think there is a lot of work to do here in Portugal and a lot to explore in portuguese fashion industry. In the near future I would like to design a collection in partnership with a brand that I admire, or design jewels.

S: I love to travel and I’m having awesome opportunities and I hope I can get so many more. I also love so many brands I’d love to reach too!




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So… Mafalda, tell us the truth, who’s the real selfie addict?

M: I strongly belive Sophia is the REAL selfie addict!!! I’m not blaming her for anything but…she wins in the one!! She is the only person I know that can record a Snapchat and watch it 10 times in a row without getting tired of it!!! The camera loves her but she also loves the camera.

S: TOTALLY MAFALDA!!!! Just grab her phone and check her albums ahaha!




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Sofia, which is Mafalda’s hidden talent?

S: She sings so beautifully and plays the guitar!! Also, she makes the cutest baby talk voice you can’t even imagine. I need to get that exposed on snapchat ahahah

What kind of trip would you love to make together? And where?

S: We talked so many times about that and we dream about going to Australia and United States. I mean we want to go everywhere we can together.

M: We traveled in Europe many times together but I think she would be the best partner in crime for a more adventurous trip with a backpack and nothing planned. That would be the perfect next trip for us two!!




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