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GUSTOKO | New Brand

Meet your new favorite accessories!
GUSTOKO is a portuguese brand created and curated by Paula Figueras with a social purpose at heart: celebrating Filipino Artistry
by bringing local and unique handmade products to the rest of the world, and therefore supporting Philippine’s local livelihood and manufacturing.
The result are beautiful clutches, handbags, bracelets and rings that you’ll love to have.

This season, wear a statement bag. Wear it everywhere, and, every time, it will look different.

These bags have unique patterns you won’t find anywhere else, and that is why we love them so much. They are (obviously) perfect for your summer looks,

but they will also add a pop of color to your winter look.

So yes, pretty much, you can wear it always. And isn’t that a good buy?

Gustoko, Jasmine Pearl Clutch, HERE

Gustoko, Alon Clutch, HERE

Gustoko, Alice Tote, HERE

Gustoko, Luna Handbag, HERE

Gustoko, Mia Starfish Clutch, HERE


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I say it’s all jewels. And these are brand new, and you know that makes it even better.

It’s three different sets of bracelets and two rings with semi precious stones and pearls, handmade by Filipino artisans with copper wire.


These pieces are as striking as they come, and as they are available in many colors, we are sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Just see for yourself.


Gustoko, Floating Pearls Bracelet, HERE

Gustoko, Leonor Bracelets, HERE

Gustoko, Floating Coral & Pearls Bracelet and Egyptian Bracelet,  HERE & HERE

Gustoko, Handmade Green Ring, HERE

Gustoko, Egyptian Bracelet, HERE