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bkr is Melie’s newest acquisition. The accessories’ brand was created in 2011 and has already achieved cult status. The concept of the brand is simple: inner and outer beauty are connected. This was exactly what best friends and co-founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler were thinking about when they created bkr: drinking water is key for soft and pretty skin – and therefore, hydrating should be easy.
bkr’s first product was a Water Bottle, reusable, of course, but available in many sizes and colors. However, the hydration problem wasn’t completely solved: both co-founders felt that although they drank a lot of water everyday, they still had dry lips. And then, they had an idea: why not create as well a Lip Balm that can be used with the Bottle?


By creating a beauty product, they added to bkr’s commitment of holistic hydration, clean beauty and welness. The Kiss Kits quickly achieved cult status and are being used by people who know to start inside for a pretty outside.

The Bottles, Lip Balms and Compact Caps are available individually and in a Kiss Kit.
Easily add it and easily remove it. This lip treatment is made of rose (to hydrate and balance), Mediterranean Algae (to increase your own hyaluronic acid and stimulate the expression of collagen) and the Paris Essential Biollipid Complex (to soften, plump and prevent moisture loss).

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