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We’re not astrologists, but we do give good fashion advice. Check out the perfect styles for each zodiac sign.

SCORPIO: You have a classic signature outfit that everyone recognizes. You’re focused and streamlined, and you’re bold enough to try new things. Check out all the pieces we have for you here.

SAGITTARIUS: You have a timeless style! Always very feminine and unfussy, every look you wear makes you look super classic and well put. Check out style inspiration here.

CAPRICORN: You’re pretty simple when it comes to the style department, but you’re also extremely elegant, meaning all your looks make you feel and look good. Check out other examples here.

1- Misha Collection, Jona Dress, HERE.

2- C/Meo Collective, Polarised Dress, HERE.

3- Misha Collection, Magdelena Pantsuit, HERE


AQUARIUS: You don’t let anyone tell you what to (or not to) wear. You love to experiment with new trends, styles and looks. Check out the creative looks you’ll love here.

PISCES: You love to keep it simple, but you got that subtle sexiness and whimsical flair showing in all of your looks. Get some style inspiration here.

ARIES: You go from 0 to 100 in nanoseconds when it comes to your looks and style. You’re super confident and always ready to try out the mostcrazy trends. Check some of them out here.

1- Alice Mccall, Chelsea Hotel Mini Dress, HERE.

2- Alice Mccall, Baudelaire Mini Dress, HERE.

3- Misha Collection, Ceillia Mini Dress, HERE.


TAURUS: No matter what, you’re always making a statement. Even in fashion. Your style is very forward, but you like to be comfortable at all times. Check out other styles here.

GEMINI: You’re a fashion risk taker! You never keep it simple, and you’re always turning heads. Your looks are trendy, youthful and you love to mix and match. Check out looks to love here.

CANCER: Classic and refined at all times. All your looks are super feminine and you’re always dressed to impress. Check out the most elegant looks here.

1- Faithfull The Brand, Winnie Jumpsuit, HERE.

2- For Love and Lemons, Jameson Suede Jacket Navy, HERE.

3- C/Meo Collective, Confirmative Midi Dress, HERE.


LEO: You always trust your gut when it comes to fashion. You’re always trying out new things without fear and you like people to notice. Check out our most exuberant styles here.

VIRGO: Your style is very grown-up and lady like. You’re versatile and practical, and you always look super elegant and polished. Check out the ideal looks for you here.

LIBRA: You’re not that confident with your fashion choices, and you tent to rely on others to help you. You have a feminine style, and your looks are never boring. Check out inspiration here.


1- Misha Collection, Olivia Pantsuit, HERE.

2- Any Di, SunCover Pink, HERE.

3- Alice Mccall, La Javanaise Skirt, HERE.